Helen Lyle

helen-profileHelen sings and plays violin, djembe and an ever increasing selection of other percussion in the Top Shelalas. She is a talented voice coach and singing leader. Helen founded the hugely successful women’s choir Body of Sound, and also co-leads one of Sheffield’s best loved community choirs, Purple Cats. Helen also works as a support worker for allotment project Sage Greenfingers, which supports adults with mental health needs.

Kate Thomas

kate-profileKate is a singer, guitarist and ukulele player with the Top Shelalas. Along with Helen, she also co-leads community choir Purple Cats, as well as being an WEA tutor for a community singing group in Parsons Cross. Always looking for a challenge, Kate’s other interests include learning and speaking Arabic and devising and mapping a 60 mile┬ácircular cycling route of Sheffield.

Rose Hodgson

rose-profileRose sings and plays the ‘cello and occasional ukulele in the Top Shelalas. As an experienced acapella community choir leader, she runs regular sessions with groups in Bury, Stockport, Rossendale and Hebden Bridge. She is one quarter of the Manchester-based jazz/swing acapella performance group, The Lovenotes, often performing with renowned jazz vocalist Helen Watson.